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Coven 13

Country of origin:
United States
Detroit, Michigan
Formed in:
Heavy/Doom/Gothic Metal
Lyrical themes:
Nordic Mythology, History, Fantasy, Death
Current label:
Shadow Kingdom Records
Years active:
1985-1989 (as Coven), 1989 (as 1066), 1990-1991, 2011-present
Started out as Coven but later changed their name to Coven 13. They were also known as 1066 for one gig. The band reunited in 2011 with all original members.

Not to be confused with:
Coven 6669 (power/thrash metal from Seattle, Washington; formerly simply known as Coven)
• Coven (psychedelic rock from Chicago, Illinois)
Richie Karasinski Guitars
Roger Cyrkiel Bass, Keyboards (1985-present)
Brian McGuckin Drums (1985-present)
See also: Archaic Revival (live), ex-Mortification
Todd Kreda Guitars (1985-present)
David Landrum Vocals (1985-present)
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