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Cemetery Lust

Country of origin:
United States
Portland, Oregon
Formed in:
Black/Thrash Metal
Lyrical themes:
Rape, Necrophilia, Violence, Drinking, Satan
Current label:
Hells Headbangers Records
Years active:
The band describes their style as "Rape Thrash".
Raypist Bass, Backing Vocals
See also: ex-Spellcaster
Disgustor Drums
See also: MotörThrone, Nekro Drunkz, Primordial Chaos, ex-Compulsive Slasher, Dark Prophecies (USA), Furor (USA), Grenade Launcher, ex-Eyegouger (live)
Squid Nasty Guitars
See also: Nekro Drunkz, Torture Rack, ex-Eyegouger (live)
Nasty Nate Guitars
See also: ex-Spellcaster
Andrew Angeldust Vocals
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