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Blood Red Fog

Country of origin:
Kuortane (early), Jyväskylä (now)
Formed in:
Black Metal
Lyrical themes:
Death, Darkness, Destruction
Current label:
Saturnal Records
Years active:
Exclusive compilation track "Nimettömien Lasten Hauta" contributed to "Finnish-German Alliance" (released by World Terror Committee, 2008).

Also appeared on the "Suomesta Saatanalle" compilation LP (300 copies, Northern Sky Productions, 2007) with the track "Epätoivoa Ja Kuolemaa".
B.R.F. All instruments, Vocals
See also: Lordamor, Teloch
Desolate Bass
See also: Lordamor, Pantheon of Blood, Utgard, ex-Demonitar, ex-Charnel Winds, ex-Saturnian Mist, ex-Verge, ex-The Lust I Seek
Shu-Ananda Drums, Guitars (lead), Vocals (clean)
See also: Charnel Winds, Arvet (live), ex-Azazel, ex-Saturnian Mist, ex-Verge (live)
Profundiis Drums, Keyboards
See also: Lordamor, Orfvs, Utgard, ex-Charnel Winds, ex-Cosmic Church, ex-Verge
Det Guitars
See also: Lordamor, Teloch, ex-Saturnian Mist (live), ex-Verge (live)
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