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Blood Red Fog

Country of origin:
Kuortane (early), Jyväskylä (now)
Formed in:
Black Metal
Lyrical themes:
Death, Darkness, Destruction
Current label:
Saturnal Records
Years active:
Compilation Appearances:
- "Epätoivoa ja kuolemaa" track on "Suomesta Saatanalle" (LP by Northern Sky Productions, 2008, limited to 300 copies).
- "Nimettömien lasten hauta" track on "Finnish-German Alliance" (by World Terror Committee, 2008).
B.R.F. All instruments, Vocals
See also: Lordamor, Teloch
Desolate Bass
See also: Lordamor, Pantheon of Blood, Utgard, ex-Demonitar, ex-Charnel Winds, ex-Saturnian Mist, ex-Verge, ex-The Lust I Seek
Shu-Ananda Drums, Guitars (lead), Vocals (clean)
See also: Charnel Winds, Arvet (live), ex-Azazel, ex-Saturnian Mist, ex-Verge (live)
Profundiis Drums, Keyboards
See also: Funerary Bell, Lordamor, Orfvs, Utgard, ex-Charnel Winds, ex-Cosmic Church, ex-Verge
Det Guitars
See also: Lordamor, Teloch, ex-Saturnian Mist (live), ex-Verge (live)
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