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Beautiful Sin

Country of origin:
Formed in:
Melodic/Power Metal
Lyrical themes:
Fantasy, Love, Supernatural
Last label:
AFM Records
Years active:
Formed as side project by Uli Kusch with Jørn Viggo Lofstad and Steinar Krokmo when he was still member of Masterplan.
Steinar Krokmo Bass (2004-?)
See also: Pagan's Mind, Trivial Act, Dimension Infinite, ex-Dimension F3H
Uli Kusch Drums (2004-?)
See also: Shock Machine, ex-Axe La Chapelle, ex-Ride the Sky, ex-Gamma Ray, ex-Helloween, ex-Holy Moses, ex-Masterplan, ex-Mekong Delta, ex-Roland Grapow, ex-Symfonia, ex-Issa
Jørn Viggo Lofstad Guitars (2004-?)
See also: Pagan's Mind, ex-Jorn
Axel Mackenrott Keyboards (2005-?)
See also: Masterplan, ex-Gamma Ray (live)
Magali Luyten Vocals (2005-?)
See also: Beyond the Bridge, Frameshift, ex-Spirittales, ex-Virus IV, ex-Over Us Eden, Master of Waha
Carl-Johan Grimmark Guitars (2006-?)
See also: Grimmark, Narnia, Rob Rock, Planet Alliance, ex-Fires of Babylon, Flagship, Modest Attraction, ex-Fullforce, ex-System Breakdown, ex-Saviour Machine
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