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Atomic Roar

Country of origin:
Rio de Janeiro, Rio de Janeiro
Formed in:
Thrash Metal
Lyrical themes:
Anti-Religion, Sexual perversion, Metal and Punk
Current label:
Bestial Invasion Records
Years active:
Compilation appearances:
- ''Not This Hell'' on Metal Punk Up Your Ass Vol. 2 (Sampler, Fuck The Mainstream Records, 2012).
Vinícius Hellpreacher Bass (2003), Vocals (2003-present)
See also: Apokalyptic Raids, ex-Flageladör, ex-Iron Fist (live)
Victor Whipstriker Bass (2003-present)
See also: Diabolic Force, Farscape, Kuld, Whipstriker, Dead SS, ex-Apokalyptic Raids (live), ex-Power from Hell (live), ex-Toxic Holocaust (live), ex-Warhammer (live), ex-Besthöven (live)
Léo WitchCaptor Drums (2003-present)
See also: Farscape, Whipstriker, The UnhaliGäst (live), ex-Cold Beer
Victor Poisonhell Guitars (2003-present)
See also: Diabolic Force, Farscape, ex-Hellkommander, ex-Sodomizer
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