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Amor e Morte

Country of origin:
Lyon, Rhône-Alpes
Changed name
Formed in:
Gothic Metal
Lyrical themes:
Dark Feeling, Love, Sadness
Last label:
Years active:
2004-?, ?-present (as Resilience)
The band changed name to Resilience

"Amor e Morte" is portuguese for "Love and Death."
Franck Dusseux Bass
See also: ex-Blackness
Guillaume Drapier Bass
See also: ex-HSK, ex-Monegarn
Serge Mouton Drums
See also: ex-Kemet, ex-Aghora
Benjamin Sertelon Guitars, Programming
See also: Resilience
Stéphane Soulier Keyboards
See also: ex-Celestial Dream, ex-Bel O Kan
Adeline Gurtner Vocals
See also: Resilience, ex-Akin, ex-Akroma
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