Name Type Year Reviews
Guerreros de la Muerte Demo 1988  
Altar of Sacrifice Demo 1989  
Hadez Attack Demo 1990  
Extreme Badness on the World Demo 1992  
Aquelarre Full-length 1993 1 (90%)
Even If You Die a Thousand Times Full-length 2000 1 (79%)
Damnations from the Past Compilation 2001  
...from the Graves Compilation 2005  
Ready to Suffer... Hadez Attack Again!!! Video 2008  
Ready to Suffer...Hadez Attack Again Live album 2008  
Doomsday: The Death Rides Full-length 2009  
Unholy Trial / Zombie Dance Massacre Split 2010  
The Path of the Ossuary Devilish Possession EP 2010  
...Death Live Impalement Split 2011  
Guerreros de la Muerte Boxed set 2012  
Old Blasphemies (Demo 1999) EP 2014  
Morituri Te Salutant Full-length 2014