Name Type Year Reviews
The Hierophant Cosmism EP 2007  
To See the Stars Again Split 2008  
The Harmony Between Death and Plague, Eyes of Affliction and Grace Split 2008 1 (70%)
Beauty. Darkness. Chaos Split 2009  
The Halls of Past Miseries 2006-2007 Compilation 2009  
Suizidal-Ovipare Todessehnsucht Split 2009  
Where Waits the Greatest of All Sacrifice EP 2009  
Dismal Empyrean Solitude Split 2009  
Laura Palmer EP 2010  
The Splintering of Two Graves EP 2010  
Ocean EP 2010  
To Neo-Perdition EP 2010  
Elysian Birth Defects Compilation 2011  
Suicide Is Beautiful EP 2011  
God Will Not Forsake Me EP 2011  
Genesis in Flux EP 2011  
Serial Killer Music EP 2012  
Supervillain Deluxe Compilation 2012