Name Type Year Reviews
Journey to the World of Nether Split 2010  
Gurthang EP 2011  
Desolated in Darkness Single 2011  
Drown in Silence Compilation 2011  
Through the Frozen Gates Compilation 2011  
Blackened Days Compilation 2011  
Forgotten Deity EP 2012  
Dimensions of Grey Compilation 2012  
Synowie Nocy Collaboration 2012  
Passage to the Inner World Compilation 2012  
Voin Grim & Gurthang Split 2013  
The Ultimate Invocation - Through the Valley of Statues Boxed set 2013  
My Weary Eyes / Entombed by Winter (LP single) Single 2013  
V: Appolyon Single 2015  
Melodies of Sorrow Split 2015