Name Type Year Reviews
Sloth / Angry Hate Split 1994  
Floor / Sloth Split 1995  
Angry Hate / Sloth Split 1995  
Obliterations of Good Taste and Common Sense EP 1996  
Sloth / Boulder Split 1996  
Sloth / Gob Split 1996  
Sloth / Ofhisownhand Split 1996  
Hail the Basement EP 1997  
Heart Full of Worms EP 1997  
Joy Is Gone from Our Hearts EP 1997  
Behold the Power of.............. ....Presenting 10 Hymns for All to Obey Split 1997  
Cattlepress / Sloth Split 1997  
Raging Retards / Sloth Split 1997  
Sloth / Beauty Pageant Split 1997  
Sloth / Noothgrush Split 1997  
Underground Hardcore Fighters Act Violentry / I Enjoy Watching Women's Volleyball Split 1997  
Untitled / Ruining Things for Others Split 1998  
Getting Ready for Christmas (It's All About Malt Liquor) EP 1999  
Corrupted / Sloth Split 2000  
Jordan P. Ramacciato / End of Eternity Split 2000  
Sloth / Cauliflower Ass and Bob Split 2000  
Sloth / Disreantiyouthhellchristbastardassmanx Split 2000  
Untitled / Dead Battery Dingus Split 2000  
It's Not Our Worst, A.K.A. Progression? Compilation 2000  
Audio Evidence of Contempt for Existence EP 2002  
4 Way Doom Death Sludge Core Split 12 Inch LP Split 2002  
Crushers Killers Destroyers! Split 2002  
Fistula / Sloth Split 2002  
Sloth / Upsidedown Cross Split 2002  
When It Happens You'll Know EP 2003  
"Selfish for Shellfish" aka "Uniform Choice Rocks n' Rolls with a Gray Charcoaled Drawing of Their Shows" aka "Masturbate Ravioli" / Pigmeat Markham & Two Chinamen EP Split 2003  
Carpenter Ant / Sloth Split 2003  
Sloth / K.N.S.K. Split 2003  
There Is a Noise That I Make..., When I See a Pussy That I Want to Fuck. That Noise Goes... / You Can't Cry with a Boner Split 2003  
"Intermission" aka "The 7" You Don't Have to Flipsy-doodle" EP 2004  
10th Anniversary 7" EP EP 2004  
Trick or Treat Time with Octi EP 2004  
Sloth / CSMD Split 2004  
Sloth / dot(.) + Timisoara Split 2004  
Sloth / Rwake Split 2004  
Sloth / Fleshpress Split 2004  
Graphic Training Aid EP 2005  
Sloth's Lack of Sleep Volume 2 No Pun Intended EP 2005  
Ultra Shit Inferno / Sloth Split 2005  
Shitstorm / Sloth Split 2005  
It May Wear Your Skin Single 2006  
Of Bears EP 2007  
Nunslaughter / Sloth Split 2007  
The Wooley Bear Looked at Me! Single 2007  
Sloth / Tile Split 2007  
Mega Canoe EP 2007  
Sloth / S.M.G. Split 2008  
Candy Bar Caper EP 2008  
I Love You EP 2008  
Parmania / Untitled Split 2008  
Nature's Children EP 2008  
Yacula / Untitled Split 2008  
Mammoth / Sloth Split 2008  
Sweet Deal Vince Neil EP 2008  
Netjajev Society System / Sloth Split 2009  
Split CD Split 2009  
Untitled / Stoned Grown Grind Split 2009  
La Policia! EP 2009  
The RCP Tapes Sessions Split 2009  
Sloth / Servants of Satan Split 2009  
Messages in Samsara EP 2009  
Falafel EP 2010  
The Musikzimmer LP Compilation 2010  
Untitled / The Bone Whistler Split 2010  
Sloth / Baygon Vert Split 2010  
Necrocannibalistic Vomitorium / Sloth Split 2010  
King of New York Split 2010  
Six Songs with Alessandro Drumming 2010 / Nothing Can Stop Me '92 Demo Split 2010  
Sloth / Bibilic Blood Split 2010  
Sloth / Paint Chips Split 2011  
BUBbling Over! EP 2011  
Sloth's Bass Player's Birthday Party's Show's Merch CD!! Compilation 2011  
Sloth / Beartrap Split 2011  
Sloth / Hogra Split 2011  
Your 2011 Christmas Bonus! EP 2011  
Black Elitist Vegan Straight-Edge Niche Boutique Christmas CD EP 2011  
"Do You Have Cookies for Me and Don't Lie" Single 2012  
"Stop the Music! You Don't Know What You're Doing!" Single 2012  
"Scrappy Happy Jack" Single 2012  
"Thanx 4 a Gr8 Summer!" Single 2012  
G.I.W.E. Single 2012  
Harvest Moon Single 2012  
Santa's Hat Pet Cave EP 2012  
"It Looked So Good I Ate It Myself" Single 2012  
"Bear Moon over the Happy Best Friend Trees Holding Branches" Single 2012  
"Hi Baby! I Love You" Single 2012  
"Won't Somebody Please Buy Me a (Vegan) Pancake?" Single 2012  
"It's Fun to Share a Snack with Baby Swordfish. He'll Even Saw Open the Package." Single 2012  
"Black Metal Waffle, Did You Use All the Syrup?" Single 2012  
"Why I Otter....Hug You!" Single 2012 1 (60%)
"When Songs Need Expletives Edited, I Think Bleep's 'Bleep' Should Be Used. I Would Love to Hear What a Geto Boys Song Would Sound Like." Single 2012  
"Squirrel's Fun-Time Boat Ride on Black Metal Lake!" Single 2012  
"Ever See a Mousie with Wheels?" Single 2012  
"Sharing Spaghetti with Squirrels Is Super!" Single 2012  
"It Even Has It's Own Stop" Single 2012  
"Jellyfish Friends Cupcake Club" Single 2012  
"Harsh Noise Wall Is TRUE Black Metal!" Single 2012  
"I Think I Am Playing Hooky Tomorrow" Single 2012  
"True Black Metal IS HNW!" Single 2012  
"Mismatched Cutie Critters Club Goes on an Adventure for Vegan Ice Cream with Coconut and Sprinkles. They Suceed." Single 2012  
"Make-Out Creep of the Strip" Single 2012  
Listening 2 This Will Realize U a Sloth Christmas EP 2012  
"Mr. & Mrs. Pricklebottom Love HNW" Single 2012  
It's Not as Good as "Pussy Is Food," but What Is? Single 2012  
"What Year Is It and How Old R U That U Still Need 2 B Told 2 Go Vegan?" Single 2012  
"What a Lucky Girl!" Single 2012  
"Intentionally Left Blank" Single 2012  
"I Earned My Treat!" Single 2012  
"Christmas Vegan Pizza Party!" Single 2012  
Sloth / Tuk Peenersen & His Weinermen Split 2013  
"(Vegan) Pizza Party 2" Single 2013  
"Put On an Oven Mitt Before You Press Play, Because This One Is Hot!" Single 2013  
"Best Friends Slumber Party!" Single 2013  
"Gimme a (Vegan) Custard (Vegan) Donut!" Single 2013  
"Baby Spider Craft!" Single 2013  
"Refrigerator Animal Magnet Parade Part 1!" Single 2013  
"Das ist nicht eine Stroopwaffel​?​" Single 2013  
"Refrigerator Animal Magnet Parade Part 2!" Single 2013  
Sloth's Fashion Statement Single 2013  
"Refrigerator Animal Magnet Parade Part 3!" Single 2013  
Grim Sidewalk of Shadows Single 2013  
Behind That Door Is a Sex Robot. He Arrived in That El Camino. Proceed with Caution. Single 2013  
Can I Just Have the Powdered Sugar Next Time? Single 2013  
Your Pierogies Is at My House Single 2013  
Helper Bear Says: "I'll Take Out the Trash, but If Stuff Falls Out, It's Mine. OK?" Single 2013  
I Gotta Lay Down Single 2013  
The Breakfast Song! Single 2013  
The Pickle Song! Single 2013  
Black Noise Wall Single 2013  
Scoring Older Broads Single 2013  
Squirrel Town Pizza Party! Single 2013  
You Can Have Some Too! I Like to Share! Single 2013  
Now It's Time to Share Dessert! Single 2013  
Sharing Treats with the Cat Is Where It's At Single 2013  
Let's Lounge Before We Nap! Single 2013  
We Need a Nap After Lounging After All Those Treats Single 2013  
Getting Ready for the......Chipster 5000! Single 2013  
You Never Know Until You Open the Package Single 2013  
"I Wonder If They Have the Black Pepper Sauce?" Single 2013  
In the Grip of Winter Single 2013  
It Needs a Few Sprouts Single 2013  
Cuddly Noise Wall Single 2013  
You Gotta Chomp It like This Single 2013  
The Best Part About This Treat Is Sharing It with You! Single 2013  
I'm on Vacation for a Whole Week! Single 2013  
Fun Time in Chicago! Single 2013  
Sing Along with Little Link....If You Know the Words. Single 2013  
I'm Feeling Warm and Romantic Single 2013  
After-Dinner Brutal Groove-Slam Single 2013  
Choosy Choosy Chipster Single 2013  
Hi! I Love You Single 2013  
"What Happened to My Dipey?" Single 2013  
If You Only Remember One Thing, Let It Be: Go to the Bright, Blinding Light. Single 2013  
"Oh Boy! Strawberries!" Single 2013  
Just Sit Single 2013  
Sloth / Drekavac Split 2013  
Fluffy Cottonball Slumber Party Tree Single 2013  
The Stache Song! Single 2013  
Yaaaaaay! Single 2013  
Dis Ish da Bomb! Single 2013  
Cutie-Pie Face-Off! Single 2013  
Winner Winner Woon Sen Dinner! Single 2013  
Sloth Is Friends to Chipmunks & Squirrels! Single 2013  
Spaghetti Claw .... Tube Noodle REEEE-MIX! Single 2013  
Can I Come Too? Single 2013  
Candy Bar Caper 2 Single 2013  
Metal Snake of Metal! Single 2013  
Bears Single 2013  
After I Finish This, I Might Say "I Can't Believe I Ate the Whole Thing." Single 2013  
This Place Single 2013  
This Place...2... Single 2013  
Another Place Single 2013  
And Still Another Place Single 2013  
The Vegetable Mei Fun Is Good (Tee-Hee-Hee-Hee-Hee) Single 2013  
Doesn't Even Need Ketchup! Single 2013  
You Bat I Love This Bear! Single 2013  
Too Hot? Come Beat the Heat with Octi! Bonus: He Has Eight Tentacles to Hug You! Single 2013  
Can I Have Some Toys to Play with While I Take My Bath? Then Can I Have Some Vegan Ice Cream After My Bath? Single 2013  
Peanut Cake! I Brought My Own Fork! Single 2013  
Can I Have Some Sprinkles Too? Single 2013  
Leave the Fish Alone! Single 2013  
I Smell WAAAY Better Than Cleveland Public Transportation Single 2013  
We Are AT LEAST 2x Better Looking, Sounding and Smelling Than Cleveland Public Transportation Single 2013  
We Smell, Look & Sound 3x Better Than the Cleveland RTA Single 2013  
4x Better! Single 2013  
5x Better Single 2013  
Did You Find My Dipey Yet? Single 2013  
I'm Kinda Scared Though Single 2013  
I Brought My Own Ball. Can I Be on the Team? Single 2013  
Hellllllllllooooooooooo​!​!​! Single 2013  
I'm a Snatch-Up Your Fries! Single 2013  
Prowly the Park Goose! Single 2013  
Goodbye Split 2013  
Sloth / Darkosis Split 2013  
That Captain's Combo Looks Good (Mit Extending Rod)! Single 2013  
I Love My Cozy Hideout Single 2013  
It's Time for Our Nap. Single 2013  
Sigh Single 2013  
I'm Glad We Found This Vegan Ice Cream Tree! I'm Even More Glad That We Are Together to Share It! Single 2013  
Babies Love Nipples Single 2013  
Let's Cuddle After Eating a Frozen Treat! Single 2013  
Babies Love Nipples 2 Single 2013  
Yo, This Beat Is Bananas! Single 2013  
Better Go Find Their Dipeys! Single 2013  
YAAAAAY ~ That Was a Good One! Single 2013  
Chinese Cherry Pie Single 2013 1 (98%)
We Can Use This Quarter to Dry My Socks at the Laundro-mat! My Little Flippers Are Chilly! Single 2013  
Would You Like a Menu Suggestion? Single 2013  
We're Gonna Have a Pizza Date! Single 2013  
Do You Want to Play Toys with Me? Single 2013  
Silly Spooky Super-Pals of Love! Single 2013  
Fancy Bear Single 2013  
I'm Nuts for Fall! Are You??? Single 2013  
Go Little Buddy, Go! Single 2013  
Fall Is My Favorite Time of the Year! Single 2013  
I Like to Use Things for Their Unintended Purpose. Single 2013  
Hey! Toss Me Some Hummus & Chips! Single 2013  
Where Are We Headed Next on Our Fun Play Day? Single 2013  
I Need a Nap Single 2013  
Creeper Peeper Single 2013  
Lurker Looker Single 2013  
Stalker Gawker Single 2013  
Vegan Enchiladas Single 2013  
Power Control Single 2013  
See You Next Tuesday! Single 2013  
Nam-Nam-Nam-Nam Single 2013  
The Squiggle Song! Single 2013  
Hollie Strano ONLY, on the WKYC Weather Line! Single 2013  
Non-Vegan Food Smells like B.O. Single 2013  
Popsicle! Single 2013  
Exit Here Single 2013  
Everyone Loves a Lurker Single 2013  
Nuttin'...Jus' Chillin' Single 2013  
3 Squirrels 1 Girl Single 2013  
Are You Here for the Slumber Party? Single 2013  
Iseulvhb Single 2013  
Evil Jerk in Jail Single 2013  
When It's Halloween Season, Even the Fungus Looks like Candy-Corn! Single 2013  
Cutie Witch Single 2013  
All These Cupcakes! Single 2013  
Krayzee from 2 Much Halloween Candee! Single 2013  
I'm a Snatch Me Up Some (Vegan) Candy Corn! Single 2013  
Smiilee the Starfish Single 2013  
I'm on the Look-Out 4 Candy! Single 2013  
Smiilee Squid Single 2013  
Not-So-Crabby Crab Single 2013  
Down Here! Single 2013  
Clue #3 Single 2013  
I'm TOTALLY Looking @ Ur Camel-Toe Single 2013  
This Song Rocks as Hard as My Dick! Single 2013  
Cleveland. Never Been Here? You Haven't Missed Much. Single 2013  
We're Flyin' in 4 Sum Halloween Candy! Single 2013  
10/15/13 (2) Single 2013  
Ghosts Can "Trick-or-Treat" Too! Single 2013  
Green Bug Bus-Stop Buddy! Single 2013  
Just Call Me the Mothy of the Morning Mothy. Just Call Me the Mothy of the Moth Single 2013 1 (100%)
I Can't Believe It! Single 2013  
W3r3wvlf​-​bat Says: "Happy Halloween​!​" Single 2013  
Will I EVER Get Out of Samsara? Single 2013  
10/19/13 Single 2013  
Dick Goddard's Wintery Forest Revisited Split 2013  
The Sloth Anthem aka "You're a Real Noise-Makin' Champ!" Single 2013  
Sassy Little Pieces of Chicken in Yoga Pants Single 2013  
The Painting That Explains It All. Single 2013  
10-22-2013 Single 2013  
Keebobaliiii Single 2013  
The 2013 Flip-Flop Season Is Officially Over. Single 2013  
Ghost Mit Weave + Pumpkin! Single 2013  
I Hate Samsara So Much That I Can't Believe I Ended up Here AGAIN! Single 2013  
Loveseat (Literally) Single 2013  
Is All This Vegan Halloween Cake for Us? Single 2013  
Clearance Sticker Orgasm Single 2013  
Turtle Patrol! Single 2013  
Pengy Is Ready 4 Winter! R U? Single 2013  
Who's This Cutie? Single 2013  
Bear Family Christmas Ornament Goes to Furniture Town! Single 2013  
I Still Enjoy Watching Women's Volleyball! Single 2013  
11/28/2013...Best Thanksgiving Ever???...Fukk-Yeah!!!! Single 2013  
11/30/2013 Single 2013  
94th6 / Sloth Split 2013  
12​/​1​/​2013 Single 2013  
Can't Talk. Eating. Single 2013  
Thick Single 2013  
Naughty Noodle Slumber Party Single 2013  
Can We Watch the Halloween Episode of CHiP's? Single 2013  
Noodle's Hot Date Mit Cutie Lou Single 2013  
Noodle Makes It Rain on Cutie Lou Single 2013  
Noodle's Pinecone Date Mit Cutie Lou and Their Crabby Butterfly and Firefly Pals Single 2013  
Noodle and Cutie Lou Get Married Single 2013  
12​/​12​/​13​.​.​.​18 Degrees​.​.​.​How Did I End up in This Frozen Shithole? Single 2013  
Naked SexXxmas Party! Single 2013  
We Lubba da Jesus Already! Single 2013  
Sloth's 20th Anniversary Boxed set 2014  
Sloth / Triangulum Split 2014  
Sloth / Unholy Semen Split 2014  
Match Game Party 2nite Mit Sexy Lady Vegan Cake Single 2014  
Pull Out the Thorn of Desire Single 2014  
Jesus Lubba da Squirrels Too! Single 2014  
Relax Bear mit Air​-​Kick Bear + Some Tasty Treats! Single 2014  
2 Squirrels Getting Married! Single 2014  
Thank You Buddha Single 2014  
Probably Misses Her Christmas Hat Single 2014  
Will You Be My Friend? Single 2014  
Protector Single 2014  
Do You Want to Taste Test These Vegan Peanut Butter Cookies with Me? Single 2014  
When My Life Was Sucky, I Hated HNW. Now That My Life Rules, I Fukkin Love HNW! Single 2014  
Noodle and Cutie Lou's Honeymoon to Bora Bora Single 2014  
The Writing Is on the Wall. Single 2014  
Baby Groundhog Goes to Sleep with a Blankie Single 2014  
The Yaay's Have It! Single 2014  
Untitled​(​2​/​1​/​14) Single 2014  
2​/​2​/​14 Single 2014  
2/3/14 Single 2014  
2/4/14 Single 2014  
2/5/14 Single 2014  
2/6/14 Single 2014  
2/7/14 Single 2014  
2/8/14 Single 2014  
No Bad Soup Price! Single 2014  
2/10/14 Single 2014  
Bird Single 2014  
Bby + Lcl Single 2014  
What a Baddie! Single 2014  
Barky Single 2014  
Here He Comes...Look Cute and He'll Give Us Treats Single 2014  
Pervert at the Bus Stop Single 2014  
"I'm a Swoop Down & Snatch My Ass Up Some Peanuts​!​" Single 2014  
The Touch of Brown Sugar Is the Difference! Single 2014 1 (99%)
2​/​18​/​14 Single 2014  
I'm a Swoop 2 Single 2014  
Come on In! Single 2014  
Bby's Lunch Counter is Nutz! Single 2014  
U Eat @ "BW3's". We Eat @ 3"B"'s & a "W"! Single 2014  
Bay (BEEP) Bot Single 2014  
Bay (Beep) Bot Boot Single 2014  
Granny Copter Single 2014  
Granny Copter 2 Single 2014  
Street Salt Stained Sweatpants Single 2014  
Drogas Makes Me Like Music. Fukk Drogas. Single 2014  
3/1/14 Single 2014  
I Like Sticking My Tongue in Things Single 2014  
3/3/14 Single 2014  
Last Night Was REALLY Fun! Single 2014  
There's a Light at the End of the Tunnel​.​.​. AND IT'S A GHOST! Single 2014  
Early Riser Club Single 2014  
3/7/14 #2 Single 2014  
Breakfest Buddy! Single 2014  
In My Dreams, It's Not the Same. Boy George is Strong. He Rules My Brain. Single 2014  
In My Dreams, Boy George Is... Single 2014  
3/10/14 Single 2014  
3/11/14 Single 2014  
3/12/14 Single 2014  
Our Snowy Friend Melted Our Hearts Single 2014  
Breakfast Friend Single 2014  
A-Team Laser Light Show Single 2014  
3/16/14 Single 2014  
3/17/14 Single 2014  
Lookin' @ All the Sexy Ladies @ Target. Mostly Lookin' @ Their Butts. Single 2014  
3/19/14 Single 2014  
Cutie-pie Pals of Love! Single 2014  
3/21/14 Single 2014  
A Burzum Shirt Never Looked So Good! Single 2014  
3/24/14 Single 2014  
BLKMTL Kitty Sticks Her Tounge Out @ U Single 2014  
Sloth Hates Music But We Fukking LOVE Shavar Ross! Single 2014  
Familiar Piggerz! Single 2014  
Because Shavar Ross Is So Awesome, His Name Should Be Shavar Rossum! Single 2014  
Shavar Ross, the Original Weasy F Baby! Single 2014  
I Turn Bandcamp into Bcamp Cuz I'm a B Thats Camped Out! Single 2014  
Mmnneeeh! Single 2014  
Now's My Chance 2 Snatch Some Stash Single 2014  
Sloth / FNU Split 2014  
Stompy! Single 2014  
Git Off My Property Single 2014  
These Peanuts Are Chilly! Single 2014  
R U in There? Single 2014  
Gum​-​job Hum​-​job Behind Rock Cocaine City! Single 2014  
04/05/2014 Single 2014  
4/6/14 Single 2014  
Sloth's Song About STD's & Overpopulation Single 2014  
4/8/14 Single 2014  
4/9/14 Single 2014  
4/10/14 Single 2014  
4/11/14 Single 2014  
4/13/14 Single 2014  
4/16/14 Single 2014  
4/17/14 Single 2014  
4/18/14 Single 2014  
4/18/14 #2 Single 2014  
4/19/14 Single 2014  
4/21/14 Single 2014  
Hungry Hoagies Peanut Panini Emporium! Single 2014  
Pervert Town Tickle Tool Single 2014  
Lazer Eyes Single 2014  
Chip Party! Single 2014  
I Had Fun at Our Fry Party! Single 2014  
Omg! Single 2014  
Might as Well Jump Single 2014  
Sloth / Vomir Split 2014  
Slumber Party Pals! Single 2014  
The Great Donut Caper Single 2014  
78&sunny! Single 2014  
5/9/14 Single 2014  
Bff's! Single 2014  
We Can Share! Single 2014  
Don't Be So Snooty, Cutie! Single 2014  
I Shouldn't Eat on the Bus but It's Slow & I'm Hungry! Single 2014  
5/14/14 Single 2014  
Snack-Time 4 Little Buddy!! Single 2014  
Family Meal Time! Single 2014  
5/17/14 Single 2014  
Grumpy Goby Baby Single 2014  
I Want to Have My Wedding Here Single 2014  
Party Goin' On up Here. Single 2014  
Which End Do i Use? Single 2014  
Princess Dork Face Single 2014  
Mondo Portobello Single 2014  
5/27/14 Single 2014  
"I'm Gettin Kinda Full!" Single 2014  
This Is the Life but I Think I'm Getting a Little Chubby! Single 2014  
5/30/14 Single 2014  
Baby Goose! Single 2014  
6/2/14 Single 2014  
Hello Bear! Single 2014  
"School Just Let Out..." Single 2014  
If I Bark, the Peanut Will Fall. I Love Barking, but I Love Peanuts Even More. Single 2014  
6/8/2014 Single 2014  
SEALed with a Kiss. Single 2014  
Best Vacation Ever 1 Single 2014  
If Black Metal Is No Longer Black Enough for You Then You Are Ready for Sloth of Northeast Ohio Single 2014  
The Erie PA Black Metal Scene (Famine NOT Pictured) Single 2014  
Sexy Scissor-town Time Single 2014  
Best Vacation Ever 2 Single 2014  
Best Vacation Ever 3 Single 2014  
In Rochester, This Is a Memorial. Single 2014  
Best Vacation Ever 4 Single 2014  
This Is the Hole That All Those Things Came Out Of. Single 2014  
Not Falling for It Again, You Hissing Guitar Biter! Single 2014  
Best Vacation Ever 5 Single 2014  
Best Vacation Ever 6 Single 2014  
6/22/14 Single 2014  
6/23/14 Single 2014  
6/24/14 Single 2014  
I Shave My Pits to Shop! Single 2014  
I Shave My Pits to Shop TOO! Single 2014  
6/27/14 Single 2014  
A Brutal Flute Solo Did This. Single 2014  
Hangin' w/ Batty! Single 2014  
6/30/14 Single 2014  
Turkey's Done! Single 2014  
Mogu Mogu Sloth~! Single 2014  
7/3/14 Single 2014  
7/5/14 Single 2014  
7/6/14 Single 2014  
5 * Tofu Pad C U @ Brown Sugar Thai 4 2! Single 2014  
I'm Looking at You! Single 2014  
Do You Want to Come over and Play? Single 2014  
Tender & Delicious Single 2014  
7/11/14 Single 2014  
7/12/14 Single 2014  
7/13/14 Single 2014  
A Little Birdy Told Me This Was the Best Song! Single 2014  
It's Pretty When It Is Fake and It Is the Middle of the Summer Single 2014  
Who Wants to Cuddle? Single 2014  
7/17/14 Single 2014  
7/18/14 Single 2014  
Goofy-gator Says: "Let's BEE PAL-ligators!" Single 2014  
7/22/14 Single 2014  
BBy Makes the Best Breakfast! Single 2014  
7/24/14 Single 2014  
Because I Found This Photo at the Bus-Stop, This Girl Is Now a Little More Famous Than She Was Single 2014  
7/26/14 Single 2014  
7/27/14 Single 2014  
It's My Birthday. I'm About Ready 2 Get Ridda You All & Turn Up! Shiiit! Single 2014  
7/29/14 Single 2014  
7/30/14 Single 2014  
Can I Be in Love with Her Pooper? Single 2014  
Snailey Gets the Digits! Single 2014  
8/2/14 Single 2014  
8/3/14 Single 2014  
Dancing Ghosts :) Single 2014  
8/5/14 Single 2014  
Powered by Power! Single 2014  
BBy's "Wake-up Call" to LcL! Single 2014  
That's a Good Lookin' Bee Single 2014  
This Was NOT the Scariest Place on Our Last Vacation Single 2014  
Bsstts-4-2! Single 2014  
I Am So Glad That I Wore a Short Clingy Dress Without a Slip. I Am Even More Glad That a Guy Behind Me with a Cell Phone Took a Photo. Now Everyone Can Enjoy It!!!!!!! :) Single 2014  
Vegan Pizza, Vegan Sliders, Vegan Whoopie-Pies! Single 2014  
Y U Keep Tugging on Yer Shorts? Didn't U Know They Were Short When U Put 'Em On? Single 2014  
I like When Girls Bend over to Peer at Me on the Shelf. I Look Down Their Tops. Yes, I Do. Single 2014  
Double-Delicious! Single 2014  
That's a Good Lookin' Turtle Single 2014  
LcL Immatooting BBy Immatooting Sodomized Eggzarktlee aka Slothized Sodomized Single 2014  
Pete Steele Is the Original Grumpy Cat! Single 2014  
Octi Baby Needs a Hug. Single 2014  
8/21/14 Single 2014  
U Da Biggest Slug Dat I've Seen Dus Far! Single 2014  
Sloth Has Officially Changed It's Name to: "The Sassy Rascals"! Single 2014  
Sloth Has Officially Changed It's Name to: "The Mosh-Pit Rockers" (Cuz We Rock the Mosh-Pit with Rock!) Single 2014  
Sloth Has Officially Changed It's Name to: "Cokane Tygurrrr"! Single 2014  
Horrible Hillbilly Beast Single 2014  
Hap-Bee! Single 2014  
8/28/14 Single 2014  
8/29/14 Single 2014  
8/30/14 Single 2014  
Even Old Carcass Songs... Single 2014  
Tight Business Pants Pooper! Single 2014  
Noize-Bombin' Yo Ass, Bitch! Single 2014  
9/5/14 Single 2014  
9/6/14 Single 2014  
Sexy 80's Florida Girl Makes Old Man Wiener Go Boing! Single 2014  
Sloth / Zygmythkaupt Split 2014  
Cool-Out Is into Drugs. Single 2014  
9/9/14 Single 2014  
9/10/14 Single 2014  
9/11/14 Single 2014  
9/12/14 Single 2014  
Warm Muffins & Cold Coffee Single 2014  
Best Invention EVER! Single 2014  
Somebody Needs a Nap! Single 2014  
Does This Outfit Make Me Look Fat? Single 2014  
Is It Candy Season Already!?! Single 2014  
9/18/14 Single 2014  
9/19/14 Single 2014  
9/20/14 Single 2014  
Baby Mummy Needs a Hug! Single 2014  
THAT's a Calzone?!? Guess I Better Start Eatin'! Single 2014  
Playtime 4 Sillies! Single 2014  
Out-of-This-World Fun! Single 2014  
9/25/14 Single 2014  
I Wish That Microphone Was My Penis Single 2014  
9/29/14 Single 2014  
9/30/14 Single 2014  
10/1/14 Single 2014  
10/2/14 Single 2014  
Derek Converse Fukking Rules! Single 2014  
Penis Geyser Collection Single 2014  
Elly Belly Single 2014  
The Only Thing Better Than Elly's Belly Is Donna's Dumper! Single 2014  
Elly Belly II Single 2014  
Penis Geyser Collection Single 2014  
Illuma-Gran-Billie! Single 2014  
Illuminati-Banker-Pizza-Ghost! Single 2014  
Elly-Belly/Donna-Dumper Super-Combo! Single 2014  
The Ill Billies aka The Illuminati Hillbillies! Single 2014  
Iron Larry Hogue II Single 2014  
Iron Larry Hogue III Single 2014  
Mutiilation (A Tribute To) Single 2014  
3 Squirrels Single 2014  
Bike-Girl's Super-Pooper! Single 2014  
A Duet with Little Buddy! Single 2014  
10/20/14 Single 2014  
Bucket o' Fries! Single 2014  
Halloween Fun-Time Party! Single 2014  
Fukkin' Ghost! Single 2014  
Halloween Cutie! Single 2014  
Ever See a Candy-Corn That Could Take a Bite Out of You? Single 2014  
Candy-Corn-Candy-Coma-Conundrum Single 2014  
Sloth Has Officially Changed It's Name to: "The Chop-Water Chompers"! Single 2014  
U Shut up 4ever 2day! Single 2014  
I Get Freaky with My Pee-Pee Single 2014  
A Collage of All the Things That Made Sharkeytown Great Single 2014  
The Holiday Heavy Metal Flea Market Single 2014  
Shavar Shmurda Single 2014  
Cute'thulu Spreads Smiles NOT Insanity Single 2014  
11/3/14 Single 2014  
Happy Birfday Ucchy! Single 2014  
Rock-N-Roll Apple Pie On My Balls! Single 2014  
Eddie Griffin / Frank Jones Single 2014  
Metal Heart Single 2014  
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