Name Type Year Reviews
King Single 1988  
Over My Head Single 1989  
It's Love Single 1990  
I\'ll Never Get Tired of You Single 1990  
Over My Head EP 1990  
We Are Finding Who We Are Single 1991  
Fine Art of Friendship EP 1991  
God Gave Rock 'n' Roll to You II Split 1991  
King's X EP 1992  
World Around Me EP 1992  
Fool You Single 1994  
Building Blox Compilation 1994  
A Box Single 1996  
Sometime Single 1996  
Best of King's X Compilation 1997  
Higher Than God Single 1998  
Fade Single 1999  
Manic Moonlight Single 2001  
The Burning Down Compilation 2001  
Rehearsal CD Vol. 1 EP 2005  
Dogman Demos Compilation 2005  
The Bigger Picture (4th Album Pre-Production Recordings) Compilation 2009