Name Type Year Reviews
Fire and Ice (Promo) Single 1989  
Kingdom of the Night Single 1989  
Living in a World Single 1989  
Tears of the Trees Single 1989  
Kingdom of the Night (Promo) EP 1989  
Hold You Single 1990  
Ships Are Sailing Single 1990  
Touch the Rainbow Single 1990  
Little Look Back Single 1991  
The World Is Looking in Their Eyes Single 1991  
Big Thrill (Promo) Single 1993  
Love Doesn't Know Any Distance Single 1993  
Stay Don't Leave Me Single 1993  
Profile - The Best of Axxis Compilation 1994  
Idolator Single 1995  
Another Day EP 1995  
Sarajevo Single 1996  
Voodoo Vibes (Promo) Single 1996  
Collection of Power Compilation 2001  
Pure & Rough Compilation 2002  
Promo EP 2003  
Platinum Edition Boxed set 2004  
Best of Ballads & Acoustic Specials Compilation 2006