Name Type Year Reviews
Grotesquely Butchered Full-length 2006  
Haunted Catacombs Full-length 2007  
Pulverizing Prostitutes for Pig Feed Full-length 2007  
Spewing Forth Vomiting Gore Full-length 2007  
Perversions with the Exhumed Full-length 2008  
A Tribute to Albert Fish EP 2008  
Dungeon of the Damned Split 2008  
Pentagram of Butchered Fetuses Full-length 2009  
Congenital Interior Defects / Psychotic Homicidal Dismemberment Split 2010  
Psychotic Homicidal Dismemberment / Rectal Cumshot Split 2010  
The Butcher Split 2010  
Murder Victim Full-length 2010  
Richard Kuklinski Full-length 2010  
Displaying Her Decapitated Corpse Full-length 2011  
Gutted Full-length 2011  
Ed Gein Full-length 2011  
Chainsaw Dissection / PHD Split 2012  
Female Mutilation Full-length 2013  
Barn of the Butchered Full-length 2013  
Cannibal Headhunters Full-length 2013  
Psychotic Homicidal Dismemberment/Agonizing Excess Bowel Acid Dissolving The Instestines Causing Massive Organ Trauma/Cuntpump/Hepatobiliary Tubelike Structures Deficiency Split 2013  
From Murder to Gore EP 2014  
Gruesome Experiments on a Female Cadaver Full-length 2014