Name Type Year Reviews
The Dacian Empire Demo 1996  
Consecration of Evil Flesh Demo 1997  
Infernal Legions EP 1999  
Blood of the Holy, Taint Thy Steel Full-length 2000 2 (82%)
Empress from the Realms of Blasphemy EP 2001  
Wrath of War Full-length 2002 1 (90%)
Thornspawn / Unholy Archangel Split 2002  
Horns to the Kult EP 2004  
Infernal Allegiance - First Possession Compilation 2004  
Altars of the Perversed Flesh Live album 2005  
Sanctified by Satan's Blood Full-length 2007  
6 Black Candles, 6 Rotting Hearts, 6 Sacrifices for Satan Split 2007  
Rituals of the Night Split 2008  
United in Hell's Fire - Tribute to Goat Destroyer and Judas Isaksson Split 2010  
Impious Jaws of Bestial Rites and Evil Consecrations Split 2011  
Emissaries of the Darkened Call - Three Nails in the Coffin of Humanity Split 2012  
Sacrilegious Unification Spawn of Abominable Darkness & Hate Split 2013