Name Country Genre Score
Whitechapel United States Deathcore 33
Suffokate United States Deathcore 14
Annotations of an Autopsy United Kingdom Deathcore 11
Despised Icon Canada Deathcore 9
Impending Doom United States Brutal Death Metal (early), Deathcore (later) 9
Waking the Cadaver United States Brutal Death Metal/Deathcore (early), Death Metal/Hardcore (later) 8
Disfiguring the Goddess United States Brutal Death Metal/Deathcore/Djent 7
Acrania United Kingdom Brutal Deathcore 6
Acranius Germany Brutal Deathcore/Hardcore 6
The Juliet Massacre Italy Deathcore 4
Martyr Defiled United Kingdom Deathcore 3