Name Country Genre Score
Waking the Cadaver United States Brutal Death Metal/Deathcore (early), Death Metal/Hardcore (later) 22
Ingested United Kingdom Brutal Death Metal/Deathcore 17
Begging for Incest Germany Brutal Death Metal/Deathcore 15
Despised Icon Canada Deathcore 12
I Declare War United States Deathcore 12
Misericordiam United States Deathcore/Grindcore (early), Brutal Death Metal (later) 9
Whoretopsy Australia Brutal Death Metal/Deathcore 8
Carnifex United States Deathcore 7
Job for a Cowboy United States Deathcore/Death Metal (early), Progressive Death Metal (later) 5
Postmortem Promises United Kingdom Deathcore 5
Abated Mass of Flesh United States Brutal Death Metal, Deathcore 4
The Juliet Massacre Italy Deathcore 3
Thirteen Bled Promises Spain Brutal Deathcore 3