Name Country Genre Score
Enforcer Sweden Heavy/Speed Metal 36
White Wizzard United States Heavy Metal 26
Angel Witch United Kingdom NWOBHM, Heavy Metal 25
Skull Fist Canada Heavy/Speed Metal 24
Holy Grail United States Heavy/Power Metal 20
Wolf Sweden Heavy Metal 14
Steelwing Sweden Heavy Metal 12
Axxion Canada Heavy Metal 12
Midnight Malice Canada Heavy Metal 12
Striker Canada Heavy/Power Metal 11
Goat Horn Canada Heavy/Doom Metal 10
Phantom Canada Heavy Metal 10
Call of the Wild Canada Heavy/Speed Metal 9
Pegazus Australia Heavy/Power Metal 6
Steel Horse Spain Heavy Metal 6
Stryker Canada Heavy Metal 6
Iron Maiden United Kingdom Heavy Metal/NWOBHM 5
Dokken United States Heavy Metal, Hard Rock 5
Katana Sweden Heavy Metal 5
Gypsyhawk United States Heavy Metal 4
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