Name Country Genre Score
Shape of Despair Finland Atmospheric/Funeral Doom Metal 29
Colosseum Finland Funeral Doom Metal 26
Comatose Vigil Russia Funeral Doom Metal 22
Abstract Spirit Russia Funeral Doom Metal 21
Monolithe France Funeral Doom Metal 18
Thergothon Finland Funeral Doom/Death Metal 12
Dreams After Death Hungary Atmospheric/Funeral Doom Metal 11
The Howling Void United States Symphonic/Funeral Doom Metal 10
Remembrance France Funeral Doom/Death Metal 9
Ahab Germany Funeral Doom Metal 8
Luna Ukraine Symphonic Funeral Doom/Death Metal 8
Öxxö Xööx France Doom/Gothic Metal 4
1000 Funerals Iran Funeral Doom/Death Metal/Ambient 3
Night of Suicide International Funeral Doom Metal 3