Name Country Genre Score
Virgin Steele United States Heavy Metal/Hard Rock (early), Heavy/Power Metal (later) 111
Majesty Germany Heavy/Power Metal 55
Ross the Boss Germany Heavy/Power Metal 43
HammerFall Sweden Heavy/Power Metal 38
Warlord United States Heavy/Power Metal 31
Atlantean Kodex Germany Epic Heavy/Doom Metal 30
Heavy Load Sweden Heavy/Power Metal 29
Dio United States Heavy Metal 25
Thor Canada Heavy/Power Metal, Hard Rock 25
Grave Digger Germany Speed Metal (early), Heavy/Power Metal (later) 22
Omen United States Power Metal 21
Teräsbetoni Finland Power Metal 21
Metalforce Germany Heavy Metal 20
Wizard Germany Epic Power Metal 18
Dream Evil Sweden Heavy/Power Metal 17
Nanowar of Steel Italy Heavy/Power Metal/Hard Rock 16
Valkyrie Netherlands Epic Heavy Metal 16
Lost Horizon Sweden Power Metal 15
Christopher Lee United Kingdom Symphonic Heavy/Power Metal, Symphonic Rock, Various 14
Accept Germany Heavy Metal 13
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