Name Country Genre Score
Death SS Italy Doom/Heavy/Speed Metal (early), Industrial Metal (later) 26
Abysmal Grief Italy Doom Metal 24
Paul Chain Violet Theatre Italy Doom Metal 24
Black Hole Italy Doom Metal with Progressive Rock influences 20
The Mezmerist United States Psychedelic Heavy/Doom Metal 20
Tony Tears Italy Doom Metal/Progressive Rock/Experimental 16
Violet Magick Mexico Heavy/Doom Metal 15
Blizaro United States Progressive Rock/Doom Metal 13
The Wounded Kings United Kingdom Doom Metal 12
Zess Italy Doom Metal 12
Black Sabbath United Kingdom Heavy/Doom Metal 10
Arpia Italy Progressive/Doom Metal 10
Run After To Italy Doom/Heavy Metal 10
The Black Italy Heavy/Doom/Progressive Metal 10
John Gallow United States Doom Metal 8
Saint Vitus United States Doom Metal 6
Witchfield Italy Doom Metal 6
Violet Temple Italy Doom Metal 6
Chains Slovenia Drone/Doom Metal/Ambient (early), Doom Metal (later) 5
Deliria Italy Doom Metal 5
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