Name Country Genre Score
Napalm Death United Kingdom Hardcore Punk (early), Grindcore/Death Metal (later) 48
Brutal Truth United States Grindcore/Death Metal 43
Maruta United States Grindcore/Brutal Death Metal 24
Wormrot Singapore Grindcore 24
Kill the Client United States Grindcore 22
Leng Tch'e Belgium Grindcore 20
Trap Them United States Grindcore/Crust Punk 18
Circle of Dead Children United States Death Metal/Grindcore 16
Fukpig United Kingdom Black Metal/Crust/Grindcore 15
Nails United States Grindcore/Powerviolence/Hardcore 15
The Red Chord United States Technical Death Metal/Grindcore/Metalcore 13
Gridlink United States Technical Grindcore 13
Rotten Sound Finland Grindcore 13
Discordance Axis United States Grindcore 12
Creative Waste Saudi Arabia Grindcore 12
Misery Index United States Death Metal/Grindcore 11
Mumakil Switzerland Grindcore 8
King Parrot Australia Thrash Metal/Grindcore 8
Oblivionized United Kingdom Brutal Death Metal (early), Technical Grindcore (later) 7
Fuck the Facts Canada Grindcore 7
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