Name Country Genre Score
Slayer United States Thrash Metal 157
Sarcófago Brazil Black/Thrash/Death Metal 143
Sodom Germany Black/Speed Metal (early), Thrash Metal (later) 128
Kreator Germany Thrash Metal 103
Cavalera Conspiracy United States Groove/Thrash/Death Metal 100
Soulfly United States Nu-Metal with tribal influences (early), Groove/Thrash/Death Metal (later) 97
Possessed United States Death/Thrash Metal 97
Pantera United States Glam/Heavy Metal (early), Groove Metal (later) 90
Machine Head United States Post-Thrash/Groove Metal (early/later), Nu-Metal (mid) 67
Demolition Hammer United States Thrash Metal (early), Groove Metal (later) 62
Nailbomb United States Industrial Thrash Metal 52
Mutilator Brazil Death/Thrash Metal (1985-87), Thrash Metal (1988-89) 52
Vulcano Brazil Black/Death/Thrash Metal 48
Vader Poland Death/Thrash Metal 40
Morbid Saint United States Thrash Metal 40
Attomica Brazil Thrash Metal 40
Exhorder United States Thrash/Groove Metal 36
Holocausto Brazil Black/Thrash Metal (early), Technical Thrash Metal (mid), Crossover (later) 28
Suicidal Angels Greece Thrash Metal 27
Incubus United States Death/Thrash Metal 26
Protector Germany Thrash/Death Metal (early), Thrash Metal (later) 26
Devastation United States Thrash Metal 25
Ratos de Porão Brazil Hardcore/Punk, Thrash Metal/Crossover 25
Death United States Death Metal (early), Death/Progressive Metal (later) 23
Dark Angel United States Thrash Metal 23
Exodus United States Thrash Metal 23
Evile United Kingdom Thrash Metal 23
Sadus United States Death/Thrash Metal (early), Technical Thrash Metal (later) 20
Torture Squad Brazil Thrash/Death Metal 18
Destruction Germany Thrash Metal 17
Obituary United States Death Metal 17
Testament United States Thrash Metal 16
Cancer United Kingdom Death/Thrash Metal 15
Claustrofobia Brazil Death/Thrash Metal 15
Korzus Brazil Thrash Metal 15
DevilDriver United States Nu-Metal (early), Groove/Melodic Death Metal (later) 15
Overdose Brazil Power/Thrash, Groove Metal 14
Toxic Holocaust United States Speed/Thrash/Black Metal 14
Fear Factory United States Industrial/Death Metal (early), Groove/Industrial Metal (later) 14
Pestilence Netherlands Thrash Metal (1986-1988), Death Metal (1989-1991, 2008-), Progressive Death Metal/Jazz Fusion (1993) 14
Solstice United States Death/Thrash Metal 14
Violator Brazil Thrash Metal 13
Lamb of God United States Groove Metal/Metalcore 13
The Mist Brazil Thrash Metal 13
Damageplan United States Groove Metal 13
Prong United States Crossover/Thrash Metal (early), Post-Thrash/Industrial Metal (later) 13
Dead Horse United States Death/Thrash Metal, Crossover 13
Morbid Angel United States Death Metal 12
Celtic Frost Switzerland Thrash/Death/Black Metal (early), Gothic/Doom Metal (later) 12
Annihilator Canada Technical Speed/Thrash Metal (early), Groove/Thrash Metal (later) 12
Killer Be Killed United States Metalcore/Groove Metal 12
Fight United States Thrash/Groove Metal 12
De la Tierra International Alternative/Groove Metal 12
Gladiator Slovakia Death/Thrash Metal (1988-93) - Grunge/Hard Rock (1994-present) 12
White Zombie United States Industrial Metal, Groove Metal, Post-Thrash Metal 11
Massacra France Death/Thrash Metal (1986-1992), Groove Metal (1994-97) 11
Sextrash Brazil Death/Thrash Metal 11
Chakal Brazil Thrash Metal (early), Groove Metal (later) 11
Criminal Chile Death/Thrash Metal, Post-Thrash Metal 11
Incite United States Thrash/Groove Metal 11
Anthrax United States Speed/Thrash Metal, Groove Metal 10
Dorsal Atlântica Brazil Speed Metal, Thrash Metal, Hardcore/Crossover 10
Sacrifice Canada Thrash Metal 10
Master United States Death/Thrash Metal 10
Necrovore United States Death Metal 10
Conflagrator Sweden Thrash Metal 10
Andralls Brazil Thrash Metal 10
Meshuggah Sweden Technical Groove/Thrash Metal (early), Djent (later) 9
Forbidden United States Thrash Metal 9
Fueled by Fire United States Thrash Metal 9
Evildead United States Thrash Metal 9
MX Brazil Thrash Metal (early), Groove/Thrash Metal (later) 9
Throwdown United States Metalcore (early), Post-Thrash/Groove Metal (later) 9
Transmetal Mexico Thrash/Death Metal 8
Megadeth United States Speed/Thrash Metal, Heavy Metal/Rock (1990s) 8
Obscurity Sweden Death Metal 8
Besieged Canada Death/Thrash Metal 8
Necrodeath Italy Black/Death/Thrash Metal 8
Electrocution Italy Death Metal (early), Technical Death Metal (later) 8
Perversion United States Death/Thrash Metal 8
Mortuary Mexico Death/Thrash Metal 8
Nekromantheon Norway Thrash Metal 8
Pentagram Chile Chile Thrash/Death Metal 8
Epitaph Sweden Thrash Metal 8
Hate Squad Germany Thrash Metal 8
Hobbs' Angel of Death Australia Thrash Metal 7
Living Sacrifice United States Thrash/Death Metal (early), Metalcore (later) 7
Descomunal Ecuador Thrash/Groove Metal/Metalcore 7
Havok United States Thrash Metal 7
Mortal Sin Australia Thrash Metal 7
Lazarus A.D. United States Thrash/Groove Metal 7
Psychic Possessor Brazil Death/Thrash Metal (early), Punk/Crossover (later) 7
Trivium United States Metalcore, Thrash/Heavy Metal 6
Nervosa Brazil Thrash Metal 6
Newsted United States Heavy/Thrash Metal 6
Poison Germany Death/Thrash Metal 6
The Crown Sweden Melodic Death/Thrash Metal 6
Vio-lence United States Thrash Metal 6
Vita Imana Spain Groove/Thrash Metal 6
Witchhammer Brazil Thrash Metal 6
A Perfect Murder Canada Metalcore/Groove Metal 6
Hatriot United States Thrash Metal 6
ShitKill United States Thrash/Groove Metal 6
The Haunted Sweden Melodic Death/Post-Thrash Metal 6
Xentrix United Kingdom Thrash Metal 6
Omnivore Italy Death/Thrash Metal 6
Treblinka Sweden Death/Black Metal 5
Suicidal Tendencies United States Thrash Metal/Crossover 5
Napalm Death United Kingdom Hardcore Punk (early), Grindcore/Death Metal (later) 5
Death Angel United States Thrash Metal 5
Death Yell Chile Death/Black Metal 5
Demon Prayers Greece Thrash Metal 5
Flotsam and Jetsam United States Power/Thrash Metal 5
Condition Critical United States Thrash Metal 5
Morbid Scream United States Thrash Metal 5
Ripper Chile Death/Thrash Metal 5
Effigy Japan Crust/Thrash Metal 5
Embedded United Kingdom Death Metal 5
Crucifix Greece Thrash/Death Metal 5
Necromancer Italy Death/Thrash Metal 5
Sabbat United Kingdom Thrash Metal 4
Bandanos Brazil Thrash Metal/Crossover 4
Brujeria Mexico Death Metal/Grindcore 4
Macabre United States Thrash/Death Metal/Grindcore 4
Chimaira United States Groove/Post-Thrash Metal/Metalcore 4
Grave Desecrator Brazil Death/Black Metal 4
Ekhymosis Colombia Heavy/Thrash Metal (1988-1993, 2012-present), Pop/Rock (1994-1999) 4
Holy Moses Germany Speed/Thrash Metal 4
Messiah Switzerland Death/Thrash Metal 4
Onslaught United Kingdom Hardcore Punk (early), Thrash Metal (later) 4
Pissing Razors United States Post-Thrash Metal, Groove Metal 4
Sacred Reich United States Thrash Metal 4
Sakrificer United States Thrash/Death Metal 4
Genocídio Brazil Death Metal 4
Seregon United Kingdom Death/Thrash Metal 4
Anomanes United States Death/Thrash Metal 4
Crematorium Brazil Thrash/Death Metal 4
Rigor Mortis United States Thrash Metal 3
Assorted Heap Germany Death/Thrash Metal 3
Noisem United States Death/Thrash Metal/Grindcore 3
Num Skull United States Death/Thrash Metal (early), Death Metal (later) 3
Astafix Brazil Thrash/Groove Metal 3
Deadiron United States Heavy/Power Metal 3
Incursion Dementa Netherlands Thrash Metal 3
Injustice United States Death Metal 3
IR8 International Thrash Metal 3
Necrófago Brazil Black/Death Metal 3
Ravenous Austria Thrash Metal 3
Yellow Machinegun Japan Thrash Metal/Crossover/Hardcore Punk 3
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