Name Country Genre Score
Týr Faroe Islands Progressive/Folk Metal 36
Mithotyn Sweden Viking/Black Metal 35
Elvenking Italy Melodic Power/Folk Metal 33
Wuthering Heights Denmark Progressive/Power/Folk Metal 27
Blind Guardian Germany Speed Metal (early), Power Metal (later) 24
Falchion Finland Melodic Death/Folk Metal 13
Conorach Netherlands Folk/Power Metal 13
The Privateer Germany Folk/Power Metal 13
Lunarium United States Celtic Folk Metal 12
The Storyteller Sweden Power Metal 11
Vintersorg Sweden Viking/Folk Metal, Progressive Metal 11
Alestorm United Kingdom Folk/Power Metal 10
Orden Ogan Germany Folk Metal (early), Power Metal (later) 10
Lost Horizon Sweden Power Metal 8
Winterstorm Germany Power/Folk Metal 8
Dragonland Sweden Symphonic Power Metal 6
Excelsis Switzerland Folk/Power Metal 6
Dark Moor Spain Power Metal 5
Battlelore Finland Epic Symphonic Metal 5
Yngwie J. Malmsteen Sweden Neoclassical Power Metal/Shred 5
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