Name Country Genre Score
Coroner Switzerland Technical Thrash Metal 22
Atheist United States Death/Thrash Metal with Jazz and Progressive Influences 21
Extol Norway Technical Death Metal (early), Progressive Death/Thrash (mid), Progressive Metal/Alt. Rock (later) 16
Anacrusis United States Thrash Metal (1986-1990), Progressive Metal (1991-1993) 15
Tourniquet United States Thrash/Heavy Metal 14
Confessor United States Technical Doom Metal 11
Deliverance United States Speed/Thrash Metal, Industrial 11
Seventh Angel United Kingdom Thrash/Doom Metal 9
Invocator Denmark Technical Thrash Metal 9
The Crucified United States Thrash Metal/Crossover 6
Mutant United Kingdom Thrash Metal 6
Vengeance Rising United States Thrash Metal 6
Pestilence Netherlands Thrash Metal (1986-1988), Death Metal (1989-1991, 2008-), Progressive/Jazz Fusion (1993) 6
Aftermath United States Technical Progressive Thrash Metal 4
Lunacy Switzerland Thrash Metal 3
Sacrament United States Thrash Metal 3