Name Country Genre Score
Begging for Incest Germany Brutal Death Metal/Deathcore 25
Annotations of an Autopsy United Kingdom Deathcore 22
Raped by Pigs Peru Brutal Death Metal/Deathcore 20
Misericordiam United States Deathcore/Grindcore (early), Brutal Death Metal (later) 12
Acranius Germany Brutal Death Metal, Hardcore 11
Death to Honor United States Death Metal 11
Decimated Humans International Brutal Death Metal 10
Awaiting the Autopsy Germany Brutal Death Metal/Deathcore 10
The Partisan Turbine United States Brutal Death Metal/Grindcore/Deathcore 9
Coprophagist Satisfaction Venezuela Brutal Death Metal/Deathcore 8
Disfiguring the Goddess United States Brutal Death Metal/Deathcore/Djent 7
I Declare War United States Deathcore 7
Abated Mass of Flesh United States Brutal Death Metal, Deathcore 7
Shattered Eyes United States Brutal Death Metal/Deathcore 7
Moker Belgium Brutal Deathcore 6
No Zodiac United States Brutal Death Metal/Hardcore 5
Chikatilo Belgium Brutal Death Metal/Hardcore 5
Pencil Lead Syringe United States Brutal Death Metal/Grindcore 5
Vulvodynia South Africa Brutal Death Metal, Deathcore 5
Epicardiectomy Czech Republic Brutal Death Metal 4
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