Name Country Genre Score
Necrophagist Germany Technical Death Metal 141
Death United States Death Metal (early), Death/Progressive Metal (later) 127
Beyond Creation Canada Progressive/Technical Death Metal 110
Spawn of Possession Sweden Technical Death Metal 80
Cynic United States Thrash Metal (early), Progressive Death Metal/Fusion (1991-1993, 2008), Progressive Rock (later) 78
The Faceless United States Technical Deathcore (early), Progressive/Technical Death Metal (later) 74
Atheist United States Death/Thrash Metal with Jazz and Progressive Influences 62
Augury Canada Progressive Death Metal 61
Gorod France Progressive/Technical Death Metal 58
Decrepit Birth United States Technical Death Metal 49
Quo Vadis Canada Technical Melodic Death Metal 44
Neuraxis Canada Technical Death Metal 38
Pestilence Netherlands Thrash Metal (1986-1988), Death Metal (1989-1991, 2008-), Progressive Death Metal/Jazz Fusion (1993) 27
Hannes Grossmann Germany Progressive Technical Death Metal 27
Gorguts Canada Technical/Avant-garde Death Metal 24
Christian Muenzner Germany Progressive Metal 23
Anata Sweden Technical Death Metal 22
Psycroptic Australia Technical Death Metal 19
Exivious Netherlands Progressive Death Metal/Jazz Fusion (early), Progressive Metal/Jazz Fusion (later) 15
Alarum Australia Progressive/Thrash Metal/Fusion 14
Ouroboros Australia Technical Death/Thrash Metal 12
Ophidian I Iceland Technical Death Metal 11
Aeon of Horus Australia Progressive/Technical Death Metal 10
Origin United States Technical Brutal Death Metal 8
Illogicist Italy Technical Death Metal 8
Nile United States Brutal/Technical Death Metal 7
Incarnator Russia Technical/Progressive Death Metal 7
Carcariass France Progressive Melodic Death Metal 7
Desecrated Sphere Brazil Progressive/Technical Death Metal 7
Arhideus Russia Technical Death Metal 7
Disdained Serbia Technical Death Metal 7
Inanimate Existence United States Technical Brutal Death Metal 7
Over Your Threshold Germany Death/Thrash Metal (early), Progressive Death Metal (later) 7
Arsis United States Technical Melodic Death Metal 6
Angel of Disease Georgia Progressive Death Metal 6
Divinity Canada Technical Melodic Death Metal 5
Pestifer Belgium Technical Death Metal 5
Agony Face Italy Technical Death Metal 5
Oblivion United States Technical Death Metal 4
Theory in Practice Sweden Technical Death Metal 4
Noneuclid Germany Progressive/Death/Thrash Metal 4
Ageless Oblivion United Kingdom Technical/Progressive Death Metal 3
Inferi United States Melodic/Technical Death Metal 3
Nightfire United States Progressive/Technical Death Metal 3
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