Name Country Genre Score
Anathema United Kingdom Doom/Death Metal (early), Progressive/Alternative Rock (later) 121
Paradise Lost United Kingdom Doom/Death Metal (early), Gothic Rock/Metal (later) 120
October Tide Sweden Melodic Doom/Death Metal 114
Opeth Sweden Progressive Death Metal, Progressive Rock 107
Daylight Dies United States Melodic Doom/Death Metal 81
Amorphis Finland Progressive/Death/Doom Metal (early), Melodic Heavy Metal/Rock (later) 61
Rapture Finland Melodic Doom/Death Metal 56
Swallow the Sun Finland Melodic Doom/Death Metal 52
My Dying Bride United Kingdom Doom/Death Metal (early), Gothic/Doom Metal (later) 51
Ghost Brigade Finland Melodic Death/Doom Metal, Depressive Rock, Post-Metal 51
Novembre Italy Progressive Gothic/Doom/Death Metal 48
Tiamat Sweden Death/Doom Metal (early), Gothic Metal/Rock (later) 46
Grey Waters Australia Depressive Rock/Metal 43
Woods of Ypres Canada Melodic Black Metal (early), Gothic/Doom Metal (later) 40
Agalloch United States Atmospheric Folk/Doom Metal, Post-Rock/Metal 28
Slumber Sweden Melodic Doom/Death Metal 28
Autumnblaze Germany Gothic/Black/Doom Metal (early), Depressive/Gothic Rock/Metal (later) 26
Forgotten Tomb Italy Black Metal (early), Gothic/Black/Doom Metal (later) 24
The Morningside Russia Melodic Death/Doom Metal 21
Draconian Sweden Gothic/Doom Metal 20
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