Name Country Genre Score
The Black Dahlia Murder United States Melodic Death Metal 56
Quo Vadis Canada Technical Melodic Death Metal 49
Allegaeon United States Technical Melodic Death Metal 44
Neuraxis Canada Technical Death Metal 34
Necrophagist Germany Technical Death Metal 31
At the Gates Sweden Melodic Death Metal 28
The Absence United States Melodic Death Metal 24
Revocation United States Technical Death/Thrash Metal 20
Into Eternity Canada Progressive/Melodic Death Metal 20
Gorod France Progressive/Technical Death Metal 18
Psycroptic Australia Technical Death Metal 17
Inferi United States Melodic/Technical Death Metal 17
Son of Aurelius United States Technical Melodic Death Metal (early), Progressive Metal (later) 17
Anata Sweden Technical Death Metal 15
Exmortus United States Technical Melodic Thrash/Death Metal 15
Ouroboros Australia Technical Death/Thrash Metal 15
Carcass United Kingdom Goregrind/Grindcore (early), Melodic Death Metal/Death 'n' Roll (later) 13
Death United States Death Metal (early), Death/Progressive Metal (later) 13
Bloodshot Dawn United Kingdom Melodic Death/Thrash Metal (early), Technical Death Metal (later) 11
Kalmah Finland Melodic Death Metal 10
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