Name Country Genre Score
Mitochondrion Canada Death/Black Metal 103
Impetuous Ritual Australia Death Metal 98
Abyssal United Kingdom Death/Black/Doom Metal 73
Ulcerate New Zealand Technical Death Metal 63
Antediluvian Canada Black/Death Metal 54
Ævangelist United States Black/Death Metal 43
Deathspell Omega France Black Metal (1998-2002), Avant-garde Black Metal (2003-present) 42
Gorguts Canada Technical/Avant-garde Death Metal 37
Grave Upheaval Australia Death Metal 36
Incantation United States Death Metal 31
Immolation United States Death Metal 29
Teitanblood Spain Death/Black Metal 28
Aethyrvorous Australia Black/Death Metal 24
Ehnahre United States Experimental Doom/Death Metal 18
Gnaw Their Tongues Netherlands Black Metal/Noise/Experimental 16
Irkallian Oracle Sweden Black/Death Metal 14
Apparatus Denmark Experimental Blackened Death Metal 14
Plague Widow United States Blackened Grindcore/Death Metal 12
Ritual Necromancy United States Death Metal 11
The Axis of Perdition United Kingdom Industrial Black Metal/Dark Ambient 10
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