Name Country Genre Score
Shaman Brazil Progressive/Power Metal 48
Rhapsody of Fire Italy Symphonic/Orchestral Power Metal 42
Stratovarius Finland Melodic Power Metal 38
Helloween Germany Power/Speed Metal 32
Viper Brazil Melodic Power/Speed Metal, Punk/Pop (90's) 30
Kamelot United States Progressive/Melodic Power Metal 26
Blind Guardian Germany Speed Metal (early), Power Metal (later) 23
Aquaria Brazil Symphonic Power Metal 22
Symfonia Finland Melodic Power Metal 20
Avantasia Germany Symphonic Power Metal 20
Almah Brazil Melodic Power Metal 18
Vision Divine Italy Power/Progressive Metal 14
Andre Matos Brazil Heavy/Power Metal 13
Kiko Loureiro Brazil Melodic Progressive Metal/Shred 13
Age of Artemis Brazil Melodic Power Metal 11
Dark Moor Spain Power Metal 9
DGM Italy Progressive/Power Metal 8
Lab├┐rinth Italy Progressive Power Metal 8
Symphony X United States Progressive Power Metal 8
Secret Sphere Italy Melodic Power/Progressive Metal 7
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