Name Country Genre Score
Epica Netherlands Symphonic/Power Metal 103
Nightwish Finland Symphonic Power Metal 64
ReVamp Netherlands Symphonic Metal 53
Xandria Germany Symphonic Metal 23
Within Temptation Netherlands Symphonic Metal (early), Symphonic/Alternative Rock (later) 17
Delain Netherlands Melodic/Symphonic Metal 16
Diabulus in Musica Spain Symphonic Power/Gothic Metal 15
Sirenia Norway Symphonic/Gothic Metal 12
Mayan Netherlands Symphonic Death Metal 11
Elis Liechtenstein Gothic Metal 11
Leaves' Eyes International Symphonic Metal 11
Nemesea Netherlands Symphonic Gothic Metal (early), Gothic Rock (later) 11
Stream of Passion Netherlands Progressive/Symphonic Gothic Metal 11
Sin After Sin Mexico Power/Gothic Metal 11
Sahara Dust Netherlands Symphonic Gothic Metal 10
Visions of Atlantis Austria Melodic/Symphonic Power Metal 10
Lacuna Coil Italy Gothic Metal/Rock (early), Alternative Rock (later) 9
Coronatus Germany Gothic Metal 9
Penumbra France Gothic Metal 9
Amberian Dawn Finland Neoclassical Power Metal 8
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