Name Country Genre Score
Cradle of Filth United Kingdom Death Metal (early), Symphonic Black Metal (mid), Extreme Gothic Metal (later) 47
Anthelion Taiwan Symphonic Black Metal 42
Dimmu Borgir Norway Symphonic Black Metal 20
Tengger Cavalry China Melodic Death/Folk Metal 18
Screaming Savior China Symphonic Black/Extreme Metal 18
Carach Angren Netherlands Symphonic Black Metal 17
Whispered Finland Melodic Death/Power Metal with Eastern Folk influences 17
Emperor Norway Black Metal 11
Old Man's Child Norway Melodic Black Metal 11
暴君 Taiwan Melodic Black/Folk Metal 10
Oathean Korea, South Melodic Black/Death Metal 9
Hecate Enthroned United Kingdom Melodic Black/Death Metal 7
Tvangeste Russia Symphonic Black Metal 7
Black Kirin China Melodic Death/Folk Metal 7
Lemuria Belgium Symphonic Black/Folk Metal 7
Imperial Circus Dead Decadence Japan Symphonic Extreme Metal 6
Vreid Norway Melodic Black Metal 6
Animist United States Progressive/Melodic Death Metal 5
Anorexia Nervosa France Symphonic Black Metal 3
Fearless China Melodic Death Metal 3
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