Name Country Genre Score
Angelcorpse United States Blackened Death Metal 42
Sadistik Exekution Australia Death/Black Metal 23
Axis of Advance Canada Black/Death Metal 21
Impiety Singapore Death/Black/Thrash Metal 19
Ares Kingdom United States Thrash/Death Metal 18
Slaughter Lord Australia Black/Death/Thrash Metal 16
Kerasphorus United States Black/Death Metal 12
Blasphemy Canada Black/Death Metal 9
Ouroboros Canada Black Metal 9
Prosanctus Inferi United States Black/Death Metal 8
Dawn of Azazel New Zealand Death Metal 8
Vorkreist France Black/Death Metal 7
Heathen/Lifecode Italy Black/Death Metal 7
Father Befouled United States Death Metal 5
Grotesque Sweden Death/Black Metal 5
Hellhammer Switzerland Speed/Thrash/Black Metal 5
Manticore United States Black/Death Metal 5
Obeisance United States Thrash/Black Metal 5
The Chasm Mexico Death Metal 5
Sarcófago Brazil Black/Thrash/Death Metal 4
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