Name Country Genre Score
Absu United States Death Metal (early), Black/Thrash Metal (later) 94
Nile United States Brutal/Technical Death Metal 54
Rotting Christ Greece Black Metal (early), Gothic Metal (mid), Extreme Metal (later) 28
Rudra Singapore Thrash/Death Metal (early), Death/Black Metal with Folk Influences (later) 26
Aeternam Canada Symphonic/Folk/Death Metal 25
Behemoth Poland Black Metal (early), Black/Death Metal (later) 21
AlNamrood Saudi Arabia Black/Folk Metal 21
Orphaned Land Israel Doom/Death/Middle Eastern Folk Metal (early), Middle Eastern Folk Metal (later) 19
Karl Sanders United States Middle Eastern/Egyptian Ambient 14
Kartikeya Russia Death/Black Metal with Folk/Classical Indian Influences 11
نار جهنم Bahrain Black/Death Metal with Middle Eastern Influences 11
Arkan France Melodic Death Metal with Middle Eastern Influences 9
Arsh Anubis International Middle Eastern Black Metal 9
Weapon Canada Death/Black Metal 8
Odious Egypt Melodic Black Metal 8
Haiduk Canada Melodic Death/Black Metal 6
Naakhum Spain Black Metal/Ambient (early), Blackened Folk Metal (later) 4
Salem Israel Death/Gothic/Doom Metal 3