Name Country Genre Score
Demons & Wizards United States Power Metal 113
Blind Guardian Germany Speed Metal (early), Power Metal (later) 62
Jag Panzer United States Heavy/Power Metal 39
Grave Digger Germany Speed Metal (early), Heavy/Power Metal (later) 38
Pyramaze Denmark Power Metal 36
Judas Priest United Kingdom Heavy Metal 35
Ashes of Ares United States Progressive/Power Metal 34
Heathen United States Technical Speed/Thrash Metal 32
Nevermore United States Power/Thrash Metal (early), Groove/Progressive Metal (later) 31
Charred Walls of the Damned United States Power/Thrash Metal 29
Iron Maiden United Kingdom Heavy Metal, NWOBHM 28
Sons of Liberty United States Heavy Metal 28
Sanctuary United States Power Metal (early), Groove/Progressive Metal (now) 26
Angel Dust Germany Speed/Thrash Metal (80's), Melodic Power Metal (later) 24
Flotsam and Jetsam United States Power/Thrash Metal 23
Imagika United States Power/Thrash Metal 21
Metal Church United States Heavy/Power/Thrash Metal 21
Gamma Ray Germany Power/Speed Metal 20
Mystic Prophecy Germany Power/Speed/Thrash Metal 19
Helstar United States Power/Speed Metal 18
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