Name Country Genre Score
Edge of Sanity Sweden Progressive Death Metal 105
Ihsahn Norway Extreme Progressive Metal 96
Katatonia Sweden Doom/Death Metal (early), Depressive Rock/Metal (later) 85
In Mourning Sweden Gothic Metal (early), Progressive Melodic Death Metal (later) 73
Ne Obliviscaris Australia Extreme Progressive Metal 63
Ikuinen Kaamos Finland Black Metal (early), Progressive Death/Black Metal (later) 46
Barren Earth Finland Progressive Melodic Death/Doom Metal 41
Novembers Doom United States Death/Doom Metal 37
Enslaved Norway Progressive Black/Viking Metal 37
Novembre Italy Progressive Gothic/Doom/Death Metal 36
Witherscape Sweden Atmospheric/Progressive Death Metal 35
Anciients Canada Progressive Metal with Extreme Metal elements 32
Farmakon Finland Progressive Death Metal 28
Storm Corrosion International Progressive/Experimental Rock/Folk 25
The Fall of Every Season Norway Atmospheric Doom/Death Metal 24
Riverside Poland Progressive Rock/Metal 23
Bound by Entrails United States Symphonic Black Metal (early) Progressive Extreme Metal (later) 21
Gwynbleidd United States Progressive Death/Black Metal 20
Xanthochroid United States Epic/Melodic Black Metal 16
Cormorant United States Melodic Death Metal (early), Progressive Folk/Black Metal (later) 16
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