Name Country Genre Score
Symphony X United States Progressive Power Metal 126
Liquid Tension Experiment United States Technical/Progressive Rock/Metal 100
Rush Canada Progressive Rock, Hard Rock/Heavy Metal (early) 91
Fates Warning United States Power/Progressive Metal (early), Progressive Metal (later) 77
James LaBrie Canada Progressive Metal, Melodic Heavy/Groove Metal 73
Circus Maximus Norway Power/Progressive Metal 70
Shadow Gallery United States Progressive Metal 50
John Petrucci United States Progressive Metal, Shred 47
Pagan's Mind Norway Progressive/Power Metal 45
Vanden Plas Germany Progressive Metal 42
Queensr├┐che United States Heavy/Power/Progressive Metal 41
Haken United Kingdom Progressive Metal 39
Ayreon Netherlands Progressive Metal/Rock 33
Threshold United Kingdom Progressive Metal 33
Arch / Matheos United States Progressive Metal 33
Seventh Wonder Sweden Progressive Metal 29
Andromeda Sweden Progressive Metal 28
Pain of Salvation Sweden Progressive Rock/Metal 22
Myrath Tunisia Progressive Metal with Middle Eastern Folk Influences 20
Opeth Sweden Progressive Death Metal, Progressive Rock 19
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