Name Country Genre Score
Rings of Saturn United States Technical Deathcore 53
Brain Drill United States Brutal/Technical Death Metal 43
Despised Icon Canada Deathcore 26
The Faceless United States Technical Deathcore (early), Progressive/Technical Death Metal (later) 24
Viraemia United States Brutal Technical Death Metal 24
Monumental Torment Russia Technical/Brutal Death Metal 21
Burning the Masses United States Deathcore (early), Technical Death Metal (later) 16
Cryptopsy Canada Brutal/Technical Death Metal, Deathcore (2008) 13
Thy Art Is Murder Australia Deathcore 12
The Red Shore Australia Technical Deathcore 12
Depths of Hatred Canada Deathcore 12
Hedonistic Exility Ukraine Technical Brutal Death Metal/Deathcore 11
Necrophagist Germany Technical Death Metal 10
Abiotic United States Technical/Progressive Deathcore 9
Neverending War Russia Technical Death Metal/Deathcore 9
Years of Tyrants France Technical Deathcore 8
Cytotoxin Germany Technical/Brutal Death Metal 5
Decapitated Poland Technical Death Metal (early), Death/Groove Metal (later) 5
Immersed Canada Technical Death Metal/Deathcore 4
Eighty Thousand Dead United States Technical Brutal Death Metal/Deathcore 3
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