Name Country Genre Score
After the Bombs Canada Crust/Thrash Metal 19
Bolt Thrower United Kingdom Death Metal 18
Stormcrow United States Crust/Death Metal/Grindcore 15
Benediction United Kingdom Death Metal 12
Sacrilege United Kingdom Crust Punk/Thrash Metal (early), Doom Metal (later) 11
Hellshock United States Crust Punk/Death/Thrash Metal 10
Occultist United States Blackened Crust/Death/Thrash Metal 7
Skaven United States Blackened Doom/Death Metal/Crust 7
Drown in Blood Germany Death Metal/Crustcore 6
Temple of Dagon United States Death/Thrash Metal/Crust 6
Contagium Canada Death Metal/Crust Punk 5
Last Legion Alive Belgium Death/Thrash Metal/Crustcore 5
Repellers United States Black/Thrash Metal/Crust 5
Concrete Sox United Kingdom Crossover, Crust Punk 3