Name Country Genre Score
Impending Doom United States Deathcore 11
Epicardiectomy Czech Republic Brutal Death Metal 10
Broken Flesh United States Brutal Death Metal 9
Ingested United Kingdom Brutal Death Metal/Deathcore 8
Decimated Humans International Brutal Death Metal 8
Kraanium Norway Brutal Death Metal 8
Crimson Thorn United States Death Metal 7
Cytotoxin Germany Technical/Brutal Death Metal 7
Encryptor Panama Brutal Death Metal/Grindcore 7
Gastrorrexis Ecuador Brutal Death Metal 7
Waking the Cadaver United States Brutal Death Metal/Deathcore (early), Death Metal/Hardcore (later) 6
Begging for Incest Germany Brutal Death Metal/Deathcore 6
Inhabit United States Brutal Death Metal 6
Ministros del Santuario Panama Brutal Death Metal 6
Raped by Pigs Peru Brutal Death Metal/Deathcore 6
Whoretopsy Australia Brutal Death Metal/Deathcore 6
Guttural Slug Denmark Brutal Death Metal/Deathcore 5
Parasitic Ejaculation United States Brutal Death Metal 5
The Empty Tomb United States Brutal Death Metal/Grindcore 5
Annotations of an Autopsy United Kingdom Deathcore 4
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