Name Country Genre Score
Death SS Italy Doom/Heavy/Speed Metal (early), Industrial Metal (later) 34
Black Hole Italy Doom Metal with Progressive Rock influences 33
Blizaro United States Progressive Rock/Doom Metal 29
Paul Chain Italy Doom Metal, Space/Psychedelic Rock/Experimental 25
Abysmal Grief Italy Doom Metal 21
The Mezmerist United States Psychedelic Heavy/Doom Metal 20
Violet Magick Mexico Heavy/Doom Metal 18
Run After To Italy Doom/Heavy Metal 17
Tony Tears Italy Doom Metal/Progressive Rock/Experimental 14
The Black Italy Heavy/Doom/Progressive Metal 9
Zess Italy Doom Metal 8
Deliria Italy Doom Metal 6
John Gallow United States Doom Metal 6
Black Oath Italy Doom Metal 5
Arpia Italy Progressive/Doom Metal 5
Chains Slovenia Drone/Doom Metal/Ambient (early), Doom Metal (later) 5
Strange Here Italy Doom Metal 5
Violet Temple Italy Doom Metal 4
Blood Ceremony Canada Psychedelic Doom Metal/Rock 3