Name Country Genre Score
Devin Townsend Canada Progressive Metal, Ambient 65
The Devin Townsend Band Canada Progressive Metal 43
Ocean Machine Canada Progressive Metal 32
Strapping Young Lad Canada Death/Thrash Metal with Industrial Influences 22
Gojira France Progressive/Groove/Death Metal 19
Leprous Norway Progressive Metal 19
Ihsahn Norway Extreme Progressive Metal 16
Brendon Small United States Progressive Metal/Rock 15
Ramage Inc. United Kingdom Atmospheric/Progressive Metal/Rock 11
Meshuggah Sweden Technical Groove/Thrash Metal (early), Djent (later) 7
Buckethead United States Various 7
Casualties of Cool Canada Atmospheric Country Rock 7
Pressure Points Finland Progressive Death Metal 5
Disforia United States Power/Progressive Metal 3