Name Country Genre Score
Black Breath United States Death/Thrash Metal/Crossover/Crust 23
The Secret Italy Metalcore (early), Black Metal/Grindcore 18
Rotten Sound Finland Grindcore 15
Extreme Noise Terror United Kingdom Crust/Grindcore (early), Hardcore Punk/Death Metal/Grindcore (later) 12
Weekend Nachos United States Powerviolence/Sludge Metal 12
Entombed Sweden Death Metal/Death 'n' Roll 10
Pig Destroyer United States Grindcore 10
Young and in the Way United States Black Metal/Crust 7
Teethgrinder Netherlands Grindcore/Death Metal/Powerviolence 7
Skinfather United States Death Metal/Hardcore 6
Fukpig United Kingdom Black Metal/Crust/Grindcore 4
Dead in the Dirt United States Grindcore 3
Coffinworm United States Blackened Sludge/Doom Metal 3
Landmine Marathon United States Death Metal 3
Mammoth Grinder United States Hardcore Punk/Sludge Metal (early), Death Metal/Hardcore (later) 3
The Resistance Sweden Death Metal 3