Name Country Genre Score
Sirenia Norway Symphonic/Gothic Metal 14
Delain Netherlands Melodic/Symphonic Metal 12
Lacuna Coil Italy Gothic Metal/Rock (early), Alternative Rock (later) 11
Within Temptation Netherlands Symphonic Metal (early), Symphonic/Alternative Rock (later) 10
Sad Alice Said Ukraine Gothic Metal 9
Autumn Netherlands Gothic Metal/Rock 8
Elis Liechtenstein Gothic Metal 8
Forever Slave Spain Black Metal (early), Melodic/Gothic Metal (later) 7
Markize France Gothic Metal 7
Leaves' Eyes International Symphonic Metal 6
Tristania Norway Symphonic/Gothic Metal 5
Echoes of Eternity United States Progressive Metal 5
Memoira Finland Gothic Metal 5
The Murder of My Sweet Sweden Gothic Metal 4
One Without Sweden Gothic Metal/Metalcore 3