Name Country Genre Score
Power from Hell Brazil Black/Thrash/Speed Metal 12
Bulldozer Italy Black/Speed/Thrash Metal 12
Sabbat Japan Black/Thrash Metal 9
Bewitched Sweden Black/Thrash/Power Metal 8
Sodomizer Brazil Black/Speed Metal 8
Gehennah Sweden Black/Thrash Metal 7
Midnight United States Black/Speed Metal 7
Metalucifer Japan Heavy/Speed Metal 6
Bathory Sweden Black/Viking Metal, Thrash Metal 6
Joel Grind United States Black/Speed Metal 6
Trench Hell Australia Speed/Black/Thrash Metal 6
Abigail Japan Black/Thrash Metal 6
Poison Germany Death/Thrash Metal 6
Cruel Force Germany Black/Thrash Metal 5
Hellcharger Mexico Black Metal/Punk 5
Toxic Holocaust United States Speed/Thrash/Black Metal 5
Chapel Canada Black/Speed Metal 5
Flames of Hell Iceland Black/Thrash Metal 5
Nocturnal Germany Black/Thrash Metal 4
Syphilitic Vaginas Unknown Black/Speed Metal with Punk Influences 4
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