Name Country Genre Score
The Faceless United States Technical Deathcore (early), Progressive/Technical Death Metal (later) 67
Decrepit Birth United States Technical Death Metal 43
Rivers of Nihil United States Technical Death Metal 34
The Zenith Passage United States Technical Death Metal 27
Arkaik United States Technical Death Metal 23
Black Crown Initiate United States Progressive Death Metal 23
Abigail Williams United States Melodic Black Metal/Deathcore (early), Atmospheric/Symphonic Black Metal (later) 19
Job for a Cowboy United States Deathcore/Death Metal (early), Progressive Death Metal (later) 19
Abiotic United States Technical/Progressive Deathcore 19
Enfold Darkness United States Black/Death Metal 18
Ne Obliviscaris Australia Extreme Progressive Metal 15
Rings of Saturn United States Technical Deathcore 12
Dark Sermon United States Blackened Death Metal/Deathcore 12
The Kennedy Veil United States Technical Death Metal 10
Lord of War United States Atmospheric Melodic Death Metal/Deathcore 9
Obscura Germany Progressive/Technical Death Metal 8
Gorod France Progressive/Technical Death Metal 8
Kardashev United States Progressive/Atmospheric Deathcore 8
Singularity United States Technical Black Metal 7
Warforged United States Blackened Death Metal 5
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