Name Country Genre Score
White Skull Italy Power Metal 23
Running Wild Germany Heavy/Power/Speed Metal 19
Warlock Germany Heavy Metal 18
Lonewolf France Speed/Heavy Metal 14
Chastain United States Heavy/Power Metal 10
Ross the Boss Germany Heavy/Power Metal 9
Huntress United States Heavy Metal 9
Judas Priest United Kingdom Heavy Metal 9
Kobra and the Lotus Canada Heavy Metal 8
Sign of the Jackal Italy Heavy Metal 8
A Sound of Thunder United States Heavy/Power Metal, Hard Rock 8
Stormwarrior Germany Power/Speed Metal 7
Fates Warning United States Power/Progressive Metal (early), Progressive Metal (later) 5
Battle Beast Finland Heavy Metal 5
Börn Again International Power Metal 5
Citadel Finland Power/Speed Metal 5
Elvenstorm France Heavy Metal 5
Judicator United States Power Metal 5
Manowar United States Heavy/Power Metal 5
Phoenix Rizing Norway Power Metal 5
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