Name Country Genre Score
Metallica United States Thrash Metal (early), Hard Rock/Heavy/Thrash Metal (later) 21
Adrenaline Mob United States Hard Rock/Groove Metal 20
Anthrax United States Speed/Thrash Metal, Groove Metal 16
Newsted United States Heavy/Thrash Metal 15
Dezperadoz Germany Heavy/Southern/Thrash Metal 14
Danzig United States Heavy Metal with Doom Metal/Rock influences 12
Dominus Denmark Death Metal (early), Groove Metal/Deathrock (later) 11
Life of Agony United States Crossover/Thrash/Sludge Metal (early), Alternative Metal/Rock (later) 9
Fozzy United States Heavy Metal 9
Queensr├┐che United States Heavy/Groove Metal 7
White Zombie United States Industrial Metal, Groove Metal, Post-Thrash Metal 6
Diablo Blvd Belgium Southern/Heavy Metal, Hard Rock 6
Crayon Death United States Thrash Metal (early), Alternative/Stoner Rock (later) 5
Faith No More United States Avant-garde/Alternative/Heavy Metal 4
Demonspeed United States Bluesy Thrash Metal 4
Lou Siffer & the Howling Demons Sweden Heavy/Groove Metal 4
Trivium United States Metalcore, Thrash/Heavy Metal 3
S7N Mexico Thrash/Heavy Metal 3