Name Country Genre Score
Cultes des Ghoules Poland Black Metal 33
Funereal Presence United States Black Metal 24
Occultation United States Doom Metal 20
Head of the Demon Sweden Black/Doom Metal 18
Ominous Resurrection United States Black Metal 13
Mortuary Drape Italy Black/Death Metal 12
Reveal Sweden Black/Death/Thrash Metal 11
Tormentor Hungary Black Metal (early), Experimental Rock (later) 8
Martyrium Germany Black Metal 8
Katharsis Germany Black Metal 7
Thantifaxath Canada Black Metal 7
Alchemyst Germany Black/Death Metal 5
Force of Darkness Chile Black/Thrash Metal 5
Furze Norway Experimental Black Metal, Black/Doom Metal 5
Celtic Frost Switzerland Thrash/Death/Black Metal (early), Gothic/Doom Metal (later) 3
Black Grail Chile Black Metal 3